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Welcome to Unique Display

Welcome to Unique Display

Welcome to Unique Display 

In today’s world, LEGO technics, LEGO models and LEGO sets are becoming more and more popular with both children and adults. From characters to cars to cities and more, Unique Display has a wide variety of bespoke and fully customisable wall displays and cases for you to be able to show off your creations and give your room a whole new look. 

Turn your room into a gallery with our LEGO Technic Wall Displays. 

LEGO Technic was created by LEGO for kids seeking a more challenging LEGO building experience. This series is now enjoyed by both kids and adults alike, creating more advanced models with complex technical functions. 

Now, what do you do with these Technic models once they're built? Our wall displays for LEGO Technic could possibly be the best way to proudly feature your finished product for everyone to see! 

These wall displays are made from 5mm acrylic, are easy to install and are fully customizable. Just for example, our display for the 42115 Lamborghini Sian / PDW-02 comes in the colours green, black or grey and you can choose whether you want the car model badge featured too. The same goes for all Technic wall displays. If you have a car you’re wanting to proudly display in your home, have a look through our Wall Displays for Lego Technic to see what we can do for you. 

LEGO Display Cases 

Are you an avid LEGO builder? Do you enjoy collecting and creating LEGO sets and models? It’s time you thought about protecting your prized possessions and placing them in our bespoke LEGO display cases. 

These acrylic display cases block over 90% of UV light and protect your masterpieces from damage and dust. Not only are they great display storage, but what better way to ensure that your LEGO collection is preserved for years to come? 

All Unique Display cases come fully customisable where you can choose between a black or white base, as well as upgrading to a printed back panel. Check out our Display Case for LEGO 42083 Technic Bugatti Chiron / PDX-08 for example - this display has been designed to display a range of Lego Technic Supercars and has the choice of 3 back panels to choose from (alternatively you can always stick with the Clear back panel to be able to view your supercar from all angles! 

If you have a collection that you want to preserve and display proudly, have a look through our Lego Display Cases and see what we can do for you. 

As well as all our wall displays and cases, Unique Display also makes bespoke wall-mounted shelves for your Lego Architecture Cities. These laser-cut shelves are easy to install and come with all the screws and raw plugs you need to easily mount them to your wall. 

You can also create a personalised gift for your friends and family with our Printed Bricks. Choose between the LEGO Baseplate Photo Print or the Building Photo Lego Bricks - both are printed using the very latest UV digital print technology and come freestanding or wall-mounted. You could even go the extra mile and order your Building Photo Lego Bricks with a Spotify Code on the back - a great way to remember a special moment in your life.

There are lots more designs coming soon as LEGO grows bigger and bigger! Keep an eye out and get in touch with Unique Display if you can’t find what you’re looking for. We’re always here to help!